About MealToken

What is MealToken?

Mealtoken is a utility token ( it grants access to certain Nostrum services, it acts as a reward / incentive instrument) with a payment function (deprived from any claims on the issuer) within and limited to Nostrum’s tokenized ecosystem.

What’s the meaning behind the ‘MealToken’ name?

Nostrum is a brand that has dedicated 20 years to offer consumers ready-made meals of the same quality as those prepared at home. That is the reason why the Token created by the Nostrum will be named MealToken.

Where is MealToken based?

MealToken is based in Estonia

What is the MealToken (MEAL) used for?

Mealtokens will be used for three key functions:

    1. In order to become member of the Fan’s club and have access to Smart Discount prices, the client will have top-up his/her wallet with Mealtokens and pay their purchases with tokens.
    1. They will serve as means of payment of the entry-fee deposited by the franchisees: the franchise business usually includes a payment of an entry fee in return for the Company know-how. This Entry Fee is, generally speaking, non-refundable as deployed know-how cannot be restored to the Franchisor. CryptoFranchise enables the franchisee to deposit the entry fee in tokens in their wallet, and have the chance to recover the amount once the franchise/master franchise agreement has concluded.
    1. They will be used by Nostrum to pay rewards and incentives to clients, franchisees and other social groups: The Meal Token will serve to incentivise the expansion of the franchise network through rewards to franchisees, help the sustainability of big cities through Smart Social Delivery and support charitable causes through the Social Wallet